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Love to trade pedal pumping videos and pictures. Mine are on STD VHS only...sorry PAL Format not available. Mine are amature videos and prefer trading materials, but if you have no videos to trade with me, I will sell a copy instead. 

Due to bandwidth restrictions on Geocities, video clips can be seen at the Yahoo group. Subscribe to the malepedalpumpinggroup for some movie clips and pictures.
If you have no materials to trade, then Videos are $20 each plus $5 S/H.  Email me for more Information - [email protected]
"Fun With Alex" Lots of good action in this video. Alex is behind the wheel of a Ford F150. There is pumping, driving, revving in sneakers, white socks and barefeet. Alex is a hottie and knows how to pump it.
"Leigh Socks the Buick" White Socks
Leigh LOVES to drive in his socks! Leigh was in a rental (driving home from Sac State) and hard rev's, drives and pumps like mad.  There is a lot of flooring and rough pedal action.
"Randy Works the Cavalier" Socks & Barefoot
Randy is from the midwest and worked his Cavalier in socks and barefoot.  There is pumping and driving in this video with some cool angles.
Doug Sockin his Pick-Up"
All White Socks
Doug plays in his pick-up in white socks. There is pumping and driving in this video.
Other pics and videos are shown on Yahoo group site:
"The Landscaper" Boots, Sock and Barefoot Action
Gardner Corey works over his S-10 pick up in boots, white socks and barefoot.  All pedal pumping.

"Various Other Pumpin Buddies" Socks, Barefoot and Sneakers
A compilation of various materials sent in to me over the years  Contain pedal pumping, reving, driving in socks, barefoot, sneakers and some shoes.
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